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Core Is The Key

The Core

The ‘core’ is a group of muscles that surrounds the back and abdomen. The main function of the core is to secure and protect the spine and pelvis while the rest of the body is in motion. There are 4 main muscle groups that make up the inner core: Transversus Abdominus, Multifidus, Pelvic Floor muscles, and the diaphragm. Of the 4 main muscles, the Transversus Abdominus is like a natural corset that wraps around the spine. Contracting the Transverse Abdominus is similar to tightening that natural corset.  This helps to increase the stability in the spine and why it is the foundation of functional movement.


innovative core training


A convenient way to get one-on-one training, I bring the equipment to the location of your choice so the gym comes to you. Our sessions will be fun, dynamic, full body workouts that will keep you engaged! 

A program that is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1-hour period of time. This program will help you to burn fat and lose weight in a group setting that will help keep you motivated and inspired to be a better you.

personalized workouts with big-time results for a fraction of the cost. these programs can be performed in the comfort of your home, gym, hotel, etc. this makes it ideal for someone who does not like the gym or someone on the go, who does not have time to go to the gym



Hard work and Dedication helped, M Gonzalez to lose 35 pounds before the summer to look great in a bikini!

With Nutrition and my exercise program, Mel lost 30 pounds and is confident in a dress!​

(Online CLient)

With N. Addison, I focused on making sure she had a strong core and that helped her to lose weight and relieve lower back pain from her desk job. She lost 20 pounds!

Specific training

  • Core strength

  • Strength Training

  • fat loss

  • injury Rehab

  • Functional Movement

  • Pre/Post Natal training

  • Sports & Athletic training

  • Muscle building


"Omar was great, he has a friendly style that's not too rigid but he makes you do the work. His personality keeps you motivated to keep going!
I was only here for a month, so he tailored my program to meet my current fitness level and then built it up...I definitely felt the difference even in just a month. I'm hoping I can keep it up without him there.
I highly recommend Omar if you don't want that militant style trainer, he's friendly, fun and get the job done to your level plus a challenge...he was especially good at making sure I kept my form right during each exercise.
Thank you Omar! I hope we keep in touch!"

Joshika A.

San Jose,Ca

"Omar is the best trainer ever!! I worked out with Omar for a couple months!!! He was an amazing trainer, fun, and very open on what part of my body I would like to focus on!! I truly recommend him as a personal trainer! Looking forward to workout with you again"

Maria A.
San jose, Ca

"I had a great experience training with Omar. He is an Outstanding trainer and he really works your Core out."

Abraham A.

"Omar is highly professional, thoughtful and sensitive trainer. He is detailed and yet flexible enough to adjust to the workout program to meet the needs of his clients, while achieving maximum results to meet the clients goals. He makes safety a priority, designs programs to meet the individuals goals and adapts to the workout pace suited for each client. Omar has integrity and is passionate about doing the best he can for his clients. I recommend him highly."

Paul B.

San Jose, Ca.

"Omar showed me how to get my core stronger. He was a good instructor, very informative. With his technique it got me where I am today. He made sure I stay consistent throughout this journey."


Steve L.

San Jose, Ca.

"Omar was my fitness trainer twice a week for approximately 4 months. He was always prepared, professional and extremely knowledgable. He encouraged me to work harder as well as taught me good body form and nutrition information. 
We set goals and Omar helped me achieve them. He kept a close eye on my progress and always made sure I was progressing. 
He is a positive and energetic trainer and I would highly recommend."

Deb D.

San Jose, Ca.

"Great Trainer, great guy! He listens to what it is you need and the results prove it!"

Jason N.

"I Had a great experience, and definetly recommend to anyone looking to better their health and get your dream body."

Sarina H.

San Jose, Ca.

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Start your Journey to a healthier YOU! 

(contractual agreements and waivers are available for your protection and peace of mind.)

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Hi, I'm Omar Bennett

Omar Bennett - Personal Trainer, Owner & Founder of Citkfitness

I am an ACE certified personal trainer and former collegiate athlete with over 5 years of experience helping clients get into shape, lose weight, and feel their best. 


Originally from Southern California, I have been active in sports since I was very young. I played football, basketball and ran track since I was 10 years old to High school. In college, I received a full ride scholarship to the University of California-Berkeley. After two years I transferred to the University of Hawaii-Manoa where I finished my college football career and received my degree in Sociology.


What got me into personal training was the fact that I could help make a difference in people's lives and help them realize their potential to live an active and healthy life.


Feel free to use my contact form for any questions you may have and book a free in-home consultation. I want to make sure you fully understand and value the service I can provide.

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